Stack Packs

Stack Packs

Our quality Stackpack systems are made using the innovative Weathermanx 80, which is twice and strong as traditional acrylic with the added advantage of being breathable, allowing wet sails to dry out once covered significantly reducing mould. Our stack pack systems are made to last! The edges are reinforced using 3 layers of material to give extra strength to house the webbings and fittings.


We use marine grade number 10 plastic zips to close the cover unlike cheaper metal alternatives these don’t clog up with salt. All other fittings are grade A marine stainless steel. The cover attaches to the boom using either bolt rope( if the sail is loose footed) or teflon tape which slides under there sails bolt rope.


These can be copied by you posting your existing cover or made by you simply completing our self measurement form.


Prices start from £65 per metre. 

Battens additional £5 per metre.

Complete set of pulleys, cleats and line. £100.


Please contact us if you have any queries.